GE Spacemaker 18" Built-In-Dishwasher


$ 99.00


The GSM1800J is a smaller sized unit for space saving. It has a bright annealed stainless steel interior, a lustrous finish with lasting beauty that resists stains and corrosion. The full-length flat door blends almost seamlessly with any adjacent cabinetry. Inside the dishwasher, nylon racks with a heavy-duty design secure and protects dishes during each cycle. The removable upper rack pulls out completely to allow for washing items as large as a 20 gallon stockpot. The wash cycle features a China/Crystal selection which rotects delicate glassware and dishes by lowering the water temperature during the cycle, as well as a Pots and Pans cycle which scours off burned-on food with hot water and maximum water pressure. Drying options include a Heat Dry option that circulates warm air to quickly and gently dry dishes.


* Heated Dry On/Off

* Quiet 1800

* 7 cycles


Dimensions :

H - 32 1/2

W - 18"

D - 22 1/2"





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